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Bandit’s Diary 31/1/2020

Can you believe it is almost the end of January? Where has this month gone? My week always starts off with some day care with my pals, it’s exciting rocking up on the farm because with the exception of Brynn and Lady (who live there) I never know which of my other pals I’ll get to play with… It could be Finn, Harley, Ronnie, Mia, just to name a few. I can’t tell you who was there this week because me and my dad have forgotten.

On the weekend we went for another walk near Ambergate, this time heading to some different woodland and some fields called Critch Common. It was quite a muddy walk at times but I don’t mind because I can trudge through it, the hoomans however had to watch their footing at times. As per usual, my mum had her camera and was there snapping away, taking photos of me! We finished off the walk, walking along Cromford Canal but unfortunately I had to stay on the lead for this as it was right next to a railway with no barriers. It was a good job too because when a train did go past I tried my hardest to chase it. Unfortunately it was too fast.

Afterwards on the way home, we had to swing by Decathlon at Eastwood. My parents are going skiing later in the year and to quote my mum “I’m older and fatter than what I was last time we went skiing”… Just to reiterate, her words, NOT mine. So we had to go shopping for a few bits and I was such a good boy waiting patiently for her.

The next day before the rain started I went to the dog park where I had a good run and got to play with some other dogs. Later on in the afternoon, my mum decided that I should finally open the remaining Christmas presents. It was mainly a large gift bag of yummy treats and a toy which had it not been for the rain, I’d have quite happily pulled it’s stuffing out.

Until next time everyone!

Paws Out
Bandit 🐾

Bandit’s Diary | 22/07/2019

67575284_2477919459153439_307676476239511552_nThis week has been a slightly quieter week for me which is good with me. As much as I like going on adventures it’s sometimes nice to have chilled weeks and just spend time at home with my mum and dad. They still do fun things with me like play with me in the garden and take me on long local walks, plus they’ve let me into a secret… Next weekend, we’re going CAMPING! I can’t wait, I did it once last year when we went to the seaside and I had my first experience at the seaside but haven’t done it since. I’m so excited, apparently we’re going to the Peak District to do it.

I went to doggy daycare again this week, it was a quieter week according to the lady who looks after me because we didn’t have all the young pups there like we did the week before, just me and another furry friend called Finn – well I think that’s his name, he was a little spaniel but not sure which kind of spaniel. When my mum picked me up I was so excited to see her that I kept trying to kiss her and I wouldn’t let her put my harness on because I was playing a game that I like to call chase, I do eventually submit though because I always like going places and wearing my harness means I’m either going on a walk or going back to my very own home where I have a bedroom and everything. I also jumped in the car with ease! I think I’m going to start calling my small gains “Bandit Points”… I’d say I have several Bandit Points with all the confidence I’m building as of late.

We did one of my favourite walks this week along the canal and river, I know I always mention it but it really is a pleasant walk! There’s plenty of grass, and smells, there is a continuum of water which is fab! I am off the lead for the duration unless absolutely necessary that I have to temporarily go on and when I feel confident enough I get to give swimming a go. Which on this occasion I kind of did. I went in the water for a cool down but walked a little down the river to smell and eat some of the grass – my mum and dad stayed on the banks, and then they walked further down the river which meant for me to get to them I could either go the long way round and get out the way I came, OR!… I could swim to them. I did the latter, although I’m getting a “clever sausage” as my mum calls me because I knew which bits were slightly shallow so I could walk a chunk of it before climbing up the river bank. I got given a treat for being a brave boy and then I started sprinting all over because I was excited.

My parents also braved taking me off the lead around our local green which they have never done but because I’m being such a good boy and listening to my mum and dad they wanted to give it a little try. Some of the local dogs are allowed off the lead, others not so much. I always see a Romanian dog off the lead because they follow their human perfectly, maybe one day I will be like that (if my nose doesn’t get the better of me). I did follow my mum and dad although I’d occasionally get distracted by all the smells but if they shouted me I would go to them… More so if they had a treat waiting for me, I am very food orientated! I was only off the lead for about 10 minutes but I followed them round the green, and then followed them home like a good boy.

I also did a 5k run with my mum and dad – however, it wasn’t the park run one because they missed it due to having a hairdressers appointment and the other going cycling. So we did it the day after in the morning when it was nice and cool. It was a good run although I frequently kept tripping my mum up because I don’t always look where I’m running and sometimes just follow my nose, my mum never fell over fortunately. When we finished running my mum had to lay down on the grass so I went over to check on her, and by checking on here I mean I gave her a big wet lick all up her face. Before we left the park I had a little play with a greyhound – they are some fast dogs! We had a game of chase and I gave it my all but they’re just so quick.

That was a quieter week for me but it was still fun! And I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures camping next week – I’ll give you a clue, it was a wet one at times!

Paws Out

Bandit’s Blog | 08/07/2019

66304847_1238534322973055_6193080087617732608_nSo the week after the dog show started off with my mum giving me one of my new toys to play with. However, it only took me a few minutes to rip it open and pull the insides out – I’m a genius at it!

The next day I got taken in the car to a building, so I knew I wasn’t going on a walking adventure. When we went inside, I saw another dog walk past me that was wet through. And taking it in turns my mum and dad disappeared for a short while. When my mum returned she walked me towards some water – apparently its called a swimming pool. And she walked me down a ramp that gradually took me into the water. Now, I do enjoy being in the water but on my terms and this is something I usually avoid because I’m unsure of it. However with a little encouragement from my mum and dad, and a kind man helping me swim I went in the water and swam my first ever lap! Soon as I’d done it I went straight back to the ramp because swimming is very tiring and I wanted a little rest. Anyway, the man kept helping me into the water, I was a little hesitant but I never resisted. And then towards the end as my confidence had built up, my mum was across the pool from me cheering me on, she kept saying “come on baby, come to mummy” and with that I just about had the courage to jump in the water all by myself and swim to my mum. After that I did a few more laps and my time was up, plus I was really, really, REALLY tired! Apparently swimming one lap was the equivalent of a super long walk – can’t remember what the distance was the man gave. Because I’d been such a brave boy my mum bought me some Forthglade Salmon from the place I went swimming, it was a super tasty dinner.

I also went to doggy daycare that week as is becoming the routine now. I love it! I get to play with dogs all day on a farm, AND I get taken on walks. How lucky am I?! Because the sun was coming out as well I had the opportunity to try out my new sunbed – which I am loving very much.

As the week went on, the days were getting hotter! On one of the days my mum and dad drove me to the river early in the day so I could have a walk on the grass and also go for a paddle… And maybe a swim if I felt brave enough after my swimming lesson. They took me along the usual route that runs along a river and a canal because it’s a nice walk and plenty of water. At the first watering hole I met some other dogs enjoying the water which is always nice, I like to socialise! And then when we walked to the other end where I like to go in the water my dad made me swim but it was OK because it cooled me down and my mum was cheering me on. When she cheers me on I get excited and just want to run to her, I then start running round in circles. She said I was a good boy because I swam all by myself.

When it was the hottest day my mum and dad had a friend round for the weekend, during that time they had a BBQ and they got especially for me some lamb liver. It was DELICIOUS! That was my week, hope you enjoyed reading.

Paws Out

Bandit’s Blog | 23/06/2019


After visiting the farm where they do doggy daycare, and my mum and dad liking it I had my first day there on the Wednesday. My mum kept saying that it was my first day of play school, I wasn’t sure what she meant but she seemed really excited for me. My dad dropped me off at doggy daycare, and my first fur friend that I met was Ronnie the Rottweiler. When my dad came to pick me up he caught me playing with three other dogs, I was that excited from all of the fun I was having and seeing my dad that I tried to jump the gate but my dad stopped me before I accidentally hurt myself. By the end of the day, I was tired from all the playing, the lady who looked after me told my dad I had been a good boy and had made some new friends. On the Friday my mum and dad took me on a walk to a dog-friendly pub and because it was nice weather we got to sit outside. Whilst we were outside there was a five month old spaniel that I got to play with, I had so much fun! The next day my mum and dad took me on a nice long walk along the canal and the river, it’s one of my favourite walks. On the Sunday I had a busy day, we had planned to go to a dog show but first we had to make a stop on the way to meet another Sarajevo stray. Since my mum and dad adopted me, my mum has always allowed Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo to post photos of me to share my tales. Another lady who adopted an SSS-S dog commented on one of my photos saying that I looked like her dog, Inger. And her and my mum got talking, and they queried whether their could be some relation between us as you don’t see many SSS-S dogs looking like us, plus we were of a similar age and they decided to arrange a play date for me and Inger. When we arrived me and Inger didn’t show any recollection of knowing each other, and Inger is weary of other dogs so she kept barking at me for the first 10 minutes, during this time I decided to give her space until she was ready to be near me. Inger soon warmed to me and we were walking side by side. We walked for about an hour on some Meadows, it was lovely! I even found some water to dip my toes. We soon had to say goodbye to get me to the dog show in time. My mum and dad still think there may be some relation between us, just not from the same litter. Especially because our behaviour and learning abilities are quite different.

We made our way to Dogs Unleashed in Bakewell and when we arrived there were so many dogs. It was amazing! They had lots of stalls and games for all us dogs. As soon as we got there my mum directed us to where the dog shows were taking place because she wanted to enter me into some of the categories. I first got entered into the Most Handsome class, there were a LOT of dogs – probably about 40 dogs? They had some judges going round talking to all the humans and then they chose 12 dogs to make it to the finals, I was one of the lucky finalists. Unfortunately I didn’t make the top 6 but it’s OK, every dog is handsome and I know I’m handsome, my mum tells me that all the time. AND! I got a rosette for making it to the finals.

We had some time to spare before the next competition that I was entered into so we continued to have another look around the dog show and then decided to head into Bakewell. Whilst we were there my mum and dad bought some chips from the fish and chip shop, they also bought me a sausage which was TASTY! Before long we headed back into the dog show, and my mum bought me some tasty treats from a stall called Marge and Mabels. She bought me some venison and kale treats, as well as kangaroo and carrot treats. I thought she had finished choosing but no! She also bought me some Mackerel straws, om nom nom. Next, it was time for me to show off my skills in Best Biscuit Catcher, for this we had to make it through rounds of catching biscuits each time it getting more difficult. I caught every biscuit from all four rounds and ended up coming 2nd place, my mum was so proud of me, especially because when they first got me I couldn’t catch anything, I just wasn’t very coordinated. But look at me now! My prize for coming 2nd was a rosette and a goody bag which included a toy and some more treats! Then the last competition I was entered into was for Best Rescue, which is a tough one because all of us rescues are worthy winners. Again the judges went round talking to all the humans to learn about our (the dogs) histories and as my mum was telling my story she started crying, she didn’t mean to cry, she even apologised to the judge. My mum had told her how I came into her life at a difficult time, and that we saved each other. Whilst the judges were making there way round my mum was finding it difficult to stop crying, she kept saying how much she loved me and was lucky to have me – we had a little cuddle and she eventually stopped. We were again narrowed down further which was really difficult for the judges, and then the final 6 were decided. I again came 2nd place which meant another rosette, more toys and more treats! I truly was a spoilt dog. And I just want to say that all the dogs that day are worthy winners.

Anyway, after a long day we decided to head home but first another trip into the river (I kept dipping my toes throughout the day) before getting in the car. Where they took me there was another dog having a swim, and I don’t tend to swim, I just like to lay down in the water but because of this other dog swimming (and it only had three legs), I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t swim for long but I still enjoyed it.


When I got home I was tired but I just about had the energy to pose for a photo with my rosettes for my mum because she’s so proud of me. I had a super busy, exciting week but it did leave me really tired. Until next time humans.
Paws Out

Bandit’s Blog | Park Life


The weekend the rain started was such a fun weekend! My mum and dad have recently started doing this thing called Park Run, they started last week but didn’t take me as they said it was too hot for me. Plus my mum hasn’t run in a while so I think she needed to see how she would manage – she isn’t as fast as me! But this particular weekend because it was raining and cool enough my mum and dad took me along to do the Park Run too and for those that don’t know what it is, what you do is you run… Or walk for 5k in your local area. Along I went and it was really, really wet but I didn’t mind because I have a nice big fluffy coat on that protects me. My mum and dad said they were worried how I would cope because they can have up to 500-600 people running at a time however on this particular day I think there was half of that because of the weather… Humans aren’t lucky enough to have a coat like mine – just so you know I like to call them humans, that’s what my parents say when they think I find them weird because they talk high pitched to me “silly humans”. We got near the back so that we had some space, plus I didn’t want to say anything but I was also secretly giving all the humans a head start. Next thing everyone started running!

As everyone started to filter out and space was created I started zooming ahead, not too fast though because my mum can’t run as fast as me… BUT! fast enough to put my mum through her paces and overtake other humans. During the run my dad kept trying to encourage me into the stream because he thought I was hot but I was fine. However on one occasion I did want to go in and I didn’t realise that the slope just dropped off which meant, as you can probably imagine knowing previous blogs, I face planted the water and ended up falling in. It was fine though, I was already wet from the rain and it gives me more energy when I’m wet. I also had to stop to do a poo on one occasion but that didn’t stop me from regaining my place in the race. During the run I saw a few other dogs also running, I even tried to play with one during the last few hundred metres but I wasn’t allowed because a) my parents started speeding up and b) the other dog wasn’t interested. And then the closer we got towards the finish line my mum got faster and faster, even I was starting to struggle by this point and then right at the last minute she shouted “come on baby” and I sprinted! As we crossed the finish line some other woman tried to give my mum something, I thought it was a treat so I kept jumping up at the woman… It wasn’t a treat but my mum did give me some of my actual treats straight after. My mum then made us have a family selfie because she was proud of me, I was proud of me too and that’s because I have a habit of chasing joggers and jumping at them but my reasoning for that is I think it’s a game, similar to what my mum and dad play with me at home, I mean no harm! And that day I didn’t run or jump at any joggers, I might be better in the future now that I’ve run alongside so many of them.

When we got home I got given the remainder of my breakfast and I had a nap because I was tired. A little later on my mum took me in the car but it was the big car which I don’t like getting in so she had to lift me in. We ended up going north, near where my mum and dad got married, and we met up with grandma and grandad at a restaurant called The Rose Cottage, I think it’s opposite somewhere called Rufford Abbey. We walked in and got taken to a table where there was a bowl of water and 3 biscuits on the table just for me! I also got given a doggy menu, my mum read out the choices to me but I couldn’t decide between Cottage Pie and Wild Campfire Stew so mum chose for me – I got the Stew which had venison, pheasant, salmon, butternut squash and potato. It was DELICIOUS! Didn’t take me long to demolish my meal, I was ravenous after my run. My mum had also ordered me some liver bites but she wouldn’t let me eat them as well. I got told I was a good boy because I was laid down most of the time however I did like the next tables smell of food so I went to say hello, they also had two dogs for me to say hello to. When my mum, grandma and grandad had finished their meal (my dad wasn’t there as he had gone to help other grandma do some gardening) we left the restaurant and I got another surprise!

I had to go back in the car for 5 minutes as we drove somewhere else, and as we parked up next to grandma and grandad, my aunties jumped out of the car! My mum says they’re my aunties because their grandma and grandad’s children like my mum is. Their names are Peggy Sue and Cleo, they’re both Great Danes but they aren’t related. Peggy is black and grey and she is 8 years old, Cleo is grey and white, and she has a patch on her eye! And she’s 2 years old – she is a valentines baby because she was born on valentines day like grandad. Because Peggy is old… And as my mum says “a grumpy monkey” and “diva” I don’t play with her much, BUT Cleo! Well she’s a different kettle of fish, she is bonkers! Or “dopey” as my mum calls her. I love to play with her even though she’s a LOT bigger than me and I ALWAYS get covered in her saliva – or slobber as my mum says.

Anyway, we started walking in some woods/fielded area. At first, I wasn’t interested in playing because I wanted to sniff things and go to the toilet but soon enough I was running all over the place as Cleo chased me, because I’m smaller I tend to be more agile so I can usually outrun her. She’s so much fun though! Once we had had a nice walk and a play it was time to go home and say goodbye.

The next day my mum took me in the car again, this time she took me to somewhere called American Adventures. Apparently it used to be a theme park that she went to when she was a little girl. When we got there I was allowed to walk off the lead that was until we saw some horses so I had to go back on the lead but I didn’t mind, I was a good boy because I didn’t try to play with them like I normally do. We had a nice walk around what used to be American Adventures, unfortunately there wasn’t much water for me to go in and it was a warmer day. I did find some eventually but after laying down and standing back up I was dripping in what looked like black ink. Fortunately, my mum didn’t mind! When we returned to the car my mum was really trying to encourage me to jump in the car by myself, she even took my lead off to help me and after a few minutes I took the plunge and jumped in by myself. My mum was so happy with me for doing it by myself and she did give me a treat but I think I refused it. I also got given a new toy, it was a rope for me to chew, I have been very lucky this weekend. Anyway that is what I got up to, I had so much fun! And as always I look forward to what’s to come next time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, I know it’s a long one but I hope it is well worth it!

Paws out

Bandit’s Diary | 10/06/2019

62497898_377854179530638_4233005881584779264_n (1)

First weekend of June wasn’t the most adventurous one for me as my mum and dad had a wedding to attend down in Maidstone which meant I was in kennels for 2 nights but that’s good with me. It’s like a mini-break for me too and I get to meet some furry pals. Prior to me going into the kennels though my mum and dad took me on a few of my favourite local long walks so that I could have a good run around and a swim.

On one of the days we went on a walk in the countryside which was so much fun! And there was water for me to have a cool down because I often get hot with my fury coat but once I’ve been in the water I have a sudden burst of energy and I just start running around all over the place, I LOVE IT! It also makes my mum and dad laugh, they say I’m barmy when I do that. On the walk we went to visit a lady who does doggy daycare because my mum and dad want me to go to one so I can make loads of like-minded friends. It’s sometimes difficult for me on walks because I’m very sociable and I like to say hello to most dogs that I see but I know some dogs don’t like that so I’m learning not to be so bouncy and playful until I know they’re the same too. And on the return journey I met some more pals and started running around with them in the field, I fell over on one occasion because I tried to be too agile thinking I could outmanoeuvre a golden retriever. We also stopped off at the pub for a quick drink, there were so many dogs in the beer garden! A St Bernard said hello to me which was nice because there was a group of small dogs that kept growling and barking at me even though I wasn’t near them and didn’t do anything wrong. I know I’m bigger than them but I’m really a big softie that likes to play.


The next day we went for a long walk that takes us past a dog park, however unfortunately when we went past there were no dogs for me to play with but we kept walking which takes us along an old canal path on to a current canal path and I saw some canal boats. We then got to the watering hole, not sure if that is the correct name for it but that’s what my mum calls it because often dogs congregate there for a swim and a cool down, especially in the summer. We then continued walking along a river bank, I sometimes chase a rabbit or a squirrel along here but they’re just too quick for me! And they can climb trees, the best I can do is jump up and down repeatedly until I lose sight of the squirrel. We then came to even more water and I went for another swim, I also made a friend here too which was nice! I really do like making friends.

That was my weekend, I still enjoyed myself even though it wasn’t the beach. I’m already looking forward to telling you about my next adventure!

Paws Out

Bandit’s Diary | 05/06/2019

61793595_1890284654444992_6163433504626442240_oLast bank holiday weekend, my human mum and dad took me down to Exmouth, Devon as we were visiting one of their old university friends. We had to drive down after they had finished work on the Friday but they made sure to take me on a long walk and one where I could go for a swim as I like to lay in the water, before making the long journey down south. They had sprayed the car and my bandana with the pheromone spray and this seemed to help me with the travelling. I got told I was a good boy because I laid down the entire way and didn’t really salivate like I normally do – my mum was also sneaking me the occasional cheesy Dorito behind my dad’s back (literally and figuratively).

When we arrived at their friend’s apartment I was very happy, that happy that I was running up and down the stairs in his building but as soon as I went into his apartment I settled down. That night I was sleeping in the same room as my mum and dad, and because I wanted to sleep next to them on the bed I kept trying to get up through the night but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of space. I also made my mum jump on one occasion as she rolled over because I was standing over her, staring at her, fortunately she didn’t scream, she just started laughing.

The next day we walked down to a dog-friendly beach and there were lots of other dogs running around. I haven’t been to the beach since last year, which was my first ever time and the waves scared me even though I love being in the water. Again I was really nervous of the waves, and I kept running away from them but gradually as I saw other dogs playing in the water and having fun I wanted to join in too! When I started going in the sea and seeing how much fun it was my mum said she was proud of me and called me a good boy. I had so much fun running in and out of the water, and all around the beach. On one occasion I saw a jet ski in the water further out and I thought it was a game so I started chasing it along the shoreline, that was until I went face first plunging into a deep rock pool. I swam back up to the surface and pulled myself out of the rock pool, and all I could see was my mum, dad and Tim (their friend) laughing. Even though it took me by surprise it still made me excited and I started running around the beach again.


I met so many other dogs down at the beach that weekend, it was amazing! I got very wet and was covered in sand. My mum sometimes shared her ice cream with me too… She does like to spoil me! Although apparently we’re both on a diet at the minute, when I went to the vets I was told I was 1kg overweight so I need to lose a little bit to be a healthy weight. We also went to a local festival and Tim paid for a game to try and win me a husky stuffed toy, between him and my mum they won me one which I enjoyed playing with at the festival. I also accidentally made a man jump because I snook up behind him and sniffed his ears, my mum told my dad to apologise as apparently it was his fault for not watching me properly enough.

And just before we left we went to visit Tim’s parents who had cooked dinner for my mum and dad. At first, I was a little nervous and distracted by the food so I didn’t settle straight away but I soon realised that if I laid down and settled my mum and dad would give me some of my treats. Even when one of their cats accidentally walked into the dining room I just ignored it, I’m not sure what I think to cats… I could be friends with them, or I could just be a little fearful of them as I rarely go near them. I was then being praised for being a calm dog by the people’s house we were in.

It was such a good weekend down at the beach, my mum says I’m her little water baby. She even said if she could move all her family and friends and her job nearer to the beach she would because she thinks I thrive at the beach, despite being nervous of the waves at times. I really hope I go to the beach again soon but even if not the beach I know my mum and dad will continue to take me on other adventures, it’s just driving to the beach is quite far and they don’t like to do long journeys in the car with me unless absolutely necessary. But I think I’m learning to manage my anxieties with the car.

I have attached some photos to show you how much fun I had down at the beach. I hope you continue to enjoy reading about my adventures!


Paws out