Bandit’s Diary | 05/06/2019

61793595_1890284654444992_6163433504626442240_oLast bank holiday weekend, my human mum and dad took me down to Exmouth, Devon as we were visiting one of their old university friends. We had to drive down after they had finished work on the Friday but they made sure to take me on a long walk and one where I could go for a swim as I like to lay in the water, before making the long journey down south. They had sprayed the car and my bandana with the pheromone spray and this seemed to help me with the travelling. I got told I was a good boy because I laid down the entire way and didn’t really salivate like I normally do – my mum was also sneaking me the occasional cheesy Dorito behind my dad’s back (literally and figuratively).

When we arrived at their friend’s apartment I was very happy, that happy that I was running up and down the stairs in his building but as soon as I went into his apartment I settled down. That night I was sleeping in the same room as my mum and dad, and because I wanted to sleep next to them on the bed I kept trying to get up through the night but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of space. I also made my mum jump on one occasion as she rolled over because I was standing over her, staring at her, fortunately she didn’t scream, she just started laughing.

The next day we walked down to a dog-friendly beach and there were lots of other dogs running around. I haven’t been to the beach since last year, which was my first ever time and the waves scared me even though I love being in the water. Again I was really nervous of the waves, and I kept running away from them but gradually as I saw other dogs playing in the water and having fun I wanted to join in too! When I started going in the sea and seeing how much fun it was my mum said she was proud of me and called me a good boy. I had so much fun running in and out of the water, and all around the beach. On one occasion I saw a jet ski in the water further out and I thought it was a game so I started chasing it along the shoreline, that was until I went face first plunging into a deep rock pool. I swam back up to the surface and pulled myself out of the rock pool, and all I could see was my mum, dad and Tim (their friend) laughing. Even though it took me by surprise it still made me excited and I started running around the beach again.


I met so many other dogs down at the beach that weekend, it was amazing! I got very wet and was covered in sand. My mum sometimes shared her ice cream with me too… She does like to spoil me! Although apparently we’re both on a diet at the minute, when I went to the vets I was told I was 1kg overweight so I need to lose a little bit to be a healthy weight. We also went to a local festival and Tim paid for a game to try and win me a husky stuffed toy, between him and my mum they won me one which I enjoyed playing with at the festival. I also accidentally made a man jump because I snook up behind him and sniffed his ears, my mum told my dad to apologise as apparently it was his fault for not watching me properly enough.

And just before we left we went to visit Tim’s parents who had cooked dinner for my mum and dad. At first, I was a little nervous and distracted by the food so I didn’t settle straight away but I soon realised that if I laid down and settled my mum and dad would give me some of my treats. Even when one of their cats accidentally walked into the dining room I just ignored it, I’m not sure what I think to cats… I could be friends with them, or I could just be a little fearful of them as I rarely go near them. I was then being praised for being a calm dog by the people’s house we were in.

It was such a good weekend down at the beach, my mum says I’m her little water baby. She even said if she could move all her family and friends and her job nearer to the beach she would because she thinks I thrive at the beach, despite being nervous of the waves at times. I really hope I go to the beach again soon but even if not the beach I know my mum and dad will continue to take me on other adventures, it’s just driving to the beach is quite far and they don’t like to do long journeys in the car with me unless absolutely necessary. But I think I’m learning to manage my anxieties with the car.

I have attached some photos to show you how much fun I had down at the beach. I hope you continue to enjoy reading about my adventures!


Paws out

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