Bandit’s Diary | 31/05/2019

61279610_1561893333941902_28654952352055296_nLast weekend my human mum and dad took me for a walk in the Peak District, they took me on a new trail that I hadn’t walked before. They took me in the car which I don’t particularly enjoy as it gives me some anxieties which make me drool, even though I know they only take me in the car when I am going somewhere new and exciting, and off on an adventure!

However this time, after my recent annual check up at the vets they got given a magic spray that smelt of pheromones and this seemed to help with my drooling, I think it helped reduce my anxieties too so the journey didn’t seem too bad.

They took me to a place called Baslow and the first thing I did when I arrived was go for a lay down in the river as it was a warm day. We first had to walk through Chatsworth Estate and usually because I’m a good boy they let me off the lead in the countryside however because there were sheep around, and I like to chase sheep – never to hurt them though! I just enjoy chasing things and getting chased myself. I wasn’t allowed off the lead but it was still fun! We then made our way through the countryside and walked about 7 miles. Due to there being lots of cows and sheep around I had to stay on the lead for about 75% of the walk but it was still a fun walk, and I smelt so many interesting and exciting smells.

That is my first story, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I have attached some photos too – something you will learn to notice is I don’t do very good family portraits, just because I get told I am a beautiful boy all the time and I don’t want to outshine my parents.

Paws Out,

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