Bandit’s Diary | 10/06/2019

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First weekend of June wasn’t the most adventurous one for me as my mum and dad had a wedding to attend down in Maidstone which meant I was in kennels for 2 nights but that’s good with me. It’s like a mini-break for me too and I get to meet some furry pals. Prior to me going into the kennels though my mum and dad took me on a few of my favourite local long walks so that I could have a good run around and a swim.

On one of the days we went on a walk in the countryside which was so much fun! And there was water for me to have a cool down because I often get hot with my fury coat but once I’ve been in the water I have a sudden burst of energy and I just start running around all over the place, I LOVE IT! It also makes my mum and dad laugh, they say I’m barmy when I do that. On the walk we went to visit a lady who does doggy daycare because my mum and dad want me to go to one so I can make loads of like-minded friends. It’s sometimes difficult for me on walks because I’m very sociable and I like to say hello to most dogs that I see but I know some dogs don’t like that so I’m learning not to be so bouncy and playful until I know they’re the same too. And on the return journey I met some more pals and started running around with them in the field, I fell over on one occasion because I tried to be too agile thinking I could outmanoeuvre a golden retriever. We also stopped off at the pub for a quick drink, there were so many dogs in the beer garden! A St Bernard said hello to me which was nice because there was a group of small dogs that kept growling and barking at me even though I wasn’t near them and didn’t do anything wrong. I know I’m bigger than them but I’m really a big softie that likes to play.


The next day we went for a long walk that takes us past a dog park, however unfortunately when we went past there were no dogs for me to play with but we kept walking which takes us along an old canal path on to a current canal path and I saw some canal boats. We then got to the watering hole, not sure if that is the correct name for it but that’s what my mum calls it because often dogs congregate there for a swim and a cool down, especially in the summer. We then continued walking along a river bank, I sometimes chase a rabbit or a squirrel along here but they’re just too quick for me! And they can climb trees, the best I can do is jump up and down repeatedly until I lose sight of the squirrel. We then came to even more water and I went for another swim, I also made a friend here too which was nice! I really do like making friends.

That was my weekend, I still enjoyed myself even though it wasn’t the beach. I’m already looking forward to telling you about my next adventure!

Paws Out

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