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The weekend the rain started was such a fun weekend! My mum and dad have recently started doing this thing called Park Run, they started last week but didn’t take me as they said it was too hot for me. Plus my mum hasn’t run in a while so I think she needed to see how she would manage – she isn’t as fast as me! But this particular weekend because it was raining and cool enough my mum and dad took me along to do the Park Run too and for those that don’t know what it is, what you do is you run… Or walk for 5k in your local area. Along I went and it was really, really wet but I didn’t mind because I have a nice big fluffy coat on that protects me. My mum and dad said they were worried how I would cope because they can have up to 500-600 people running at a time however on this particular day I think there was half of that because of the weather… Humans aren’t lucky enough to have a coat like mine – just so you know I like to call them humans, that’s what my parents say when they think I find them weird because they talk high pitched to me “silly humans”. We got near the back so that we had some space, plus I didn’t want to say anything but I was also secretly giving all the humans a head start. Next thing everyone started running!

As everyone started to filter out and space was created I started zooming ahead, not too fast though because my mum can’t run as fast as me… BUT! fast enough to put my mum through her paces and overtake other humans. During the run my dad kept trying to encourage me into the stream because he thought I was hot but I was fine. However on one occasion I did want to go in and I didn’t realise that the slope just dropped off which meant, as you can probably imagine knowing previous blogs, I face planted the water and ended up falling in. It was fine though, I was already wet from the rain and it gives me more energy when I’m wet. I also had to stop to do a poo on one occasion but that didn’t stop me from regaining my place in the race. During the run I saw a few other dogs also running, I even tried to play with one during the last few hundred metres but I wasn’t allowed because a) my parents started speeding up and b) the other dog wasn’t interested. And then the closer we got towards the finish line my mum got faster and faster, even I was starting to struggle by this point and then right at the last minute she shouted “come on baby” and I sprinted! As we crossed the finish line some other woman tried to give my mum something, I thought it was a treat so I kept jumping up at the woman… It wasn’t a treat but my mum did give me some of my actual treats straight after. My mum then made us have a family selfie because she was proud of me, I was proud of me too and that’s because I have a habit of chasing joggers and jumping at them but my reasoning for that is I think it’s a game, similar to what my mum and dad play with me at home, I mean no harm! And that day I didn’t run or jump at any joggers, I might be better in the future now that I’ve run alongside so many of them.

When we got home I got given the remainder of my breakfast and I had a nap because I was tired. A little later on my mum took me in the car but it was the big car which I don’t like getting in so she had to lift me in. We ended up going north, near where my mum and dad got married, and we met up with grandma and grandad at a restaurant called The Rose Cottage, I think it’s opposite somewhere called Rufford Abbey. We walked in and got taken to a table where there was a bowl of water and 3 biscuits on the table just for me! I also got given a doggy menu, my mum read out the choices to me but I couldn’t decide between Cottage Pie and Wild Campfire Stew so mum chose for me – I got the Stew which had venison, pheasant, salmon, butternut squash and potato. It was DELICIOUS! Didn’t take me long to demolish my meal, I was ravenous after my run. My mum had also ordered me some liver bites but she wouldn’t let me eat them as well. I got told I was a good boy because I was laid down most of the time however I did like the next tables smell of food so I went to say hello, they also had two dogs for me to say hello to. When my mum, grandma and grandad had finished their meal (my dad wasn’t there as he had gone to help other grandma do some gardening) we left the restaurant and I got another surprise!

I had to go back in the car for 5 minutes as we drove somewhere else, and as we parked up next to grandma and grandad, my aunties jumped out of the car! My mum says they’re my aunties because their grandma and grandad’s children like my mum is. Their names are Peggy Sue and Cleo, they’re both Great Danes but they aren’t related. Peggy is black and grey and she is 8 years old, Cleo is grey and white, and she has a patch on her eye! And she’s 2 years old – she is a valentines baby because she was born on valentines day like grandad. Because Peggy is old… And as my mum says “a grumpy monkey” and “diva” I don’t play with her much, BUT Cleo! Well she’s a different kettle of fish, she is bonkers! Or “dopey” as my mum calls her. I love to play with her even though she’s a LOT bigger than me and I ALWAYS get covered in her saliva – or slobber as my mum says.

Anyway, we started walking in some woods/fielded area. At first, I wasn’t interested in playing because I wanted to sniff things and go to the toilet but soon enough I was running all over the place as Cleo chased me, because I’m smaller I tend to be more agile so I can usually outrun her. She’s so much fun though! Once we had had a nice walk and a play it was time to go home and say goodbye.

The next day my mum took me in the car again, this time she took me to somewhere called American Adventures. Apparently it used to be a theme park that she went to when she was a little girl. When we got there I was allowed to walk off the lead that was until we saw some horses so I had to go back on the lead but I didn’t mind, I was a good boy because I didn’t try to play with them like I normally do. We had a nice walk around what used to be American Adventures, unfortunately there wasn’t much water for me to go in and it was a warmer day. I did find some eventually but after laying down and standing back up I was dripping in what looked like black ink. Fortunately, my mum didn’t mind! When we returned to the car my mum was really trying to encourage me to jump in the car by myself, she even took my lead off to help me and after a few minutes I took the plunge and jumped in by myself. My mum was so happy with me for doing it by myself and she did give me a treat but I think I refused it. I also got given a new toy, it was a rope for me to chew, I have been very lucky this weekend. Anyway that is what I got up to, I had so much fun! And as always I look forward to what’s to come next time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, I know it’s a long one but I hope it is well worth it!

Paws out

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