Bandit’s Blog | 08/07/2019

66304847_1238534322973055_6193080087617732608_nSo the week after the dog show started off with my mum giving me one of my new toys to play with. However, it only took me a few minutes to rip it open and pull the insides out – I’m a genius at it!

The next day I got taken in the car to a building, so I knew I wasn’t going on a walking adventure. When we went inside, I saw another dog walk past me that was wet through. And taking it in turns my mum and dad disappeared for a short while. When my mum returned she walked me towards some water – apparently its called a swimming pool. And she walked me down a ramp that gradually took me into the water. Now, I do enjoy being in the water but on my terms and this is something I usually avoid because I’m unsure of it. However with a little encouragement from my mum and dad, and a kind man helping me swim I went in the water and swam my first ever lap! Soon as I’d done it I went straight back to the ramp because swimming is very tiring and I wanted a little rest. Anyway, the man kept helping me into the water, I was a little hesitant but I never resisted. And then towards the end as my confidence had built up, my mum was across the pool from me cheering me on, she kept saying “come on baby, come to mummy” and with that I just about had the courage to jump in the water all by myself and swim to my mum. After that I did a few more laps and my time was up, plus I was really, really, REALLY tired! Apparently swimming one lap was the equivalent of a super long walk – can’t remember what the distance was the man gave. Because I’d been such a brave boy my mum bought me some Forthglade Salmon from the place I went swimming, it was a super tasty dinner.

I also went to doggy daycare that week as is becoming the routine now. I love it! I get to play with dogs all day on a farm, AND I get taken on walks. How lucky am I?! Because the sun was coming out as well I had the opportunity to try out my new sunbed – which I am loving very much.

As the week went on, the days were getting hotter! On one of the days my mum and dad drove me to the river early in the day so I could have a walk on the grass and also go for a paddle… And maybe a swim if I felt brave enough after my swimming lesson. They took me along the usual route that runs along a river and a canal because it’s a nice walk and plenty of water. At the first watering hole I met some other dogs enjoying the water which is always nice, I like to socialise! And then when we walked to the other end where I like to go in the water my dad made me swim but it was OK because it cooled me down and my mum was cheering me on. When she cheers me on I get excited and just want to run to her, I then start running round in circles. She said I was a good boy because I swam all by myself.

When it was the hottest day my mum and dad had a friend round for the weekend, during that time they had a BBQ and they got especially for me some lamb liver. It was DELICIOUS! That was my week, hope you enjoyed reading.

Paws Out

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