Bandit’s Diary | 22/07/2019

67575284_2477919459153439_307676476239511552_nThis week has been a slightly quieter week for me which is good with me. As much as I like going on adventures it’s sometimes nice to have chilled weeks and just spend time at home with my mum and dad. They still do fun things with me like play with me in the garden and take me on long local walks, plus they’ve let me into a secret… Next weekend, we’re going CAMPING! I can’t wait, I did it once last year when we went to the seaside and I had my first experience at the seaside but haven’t done it since. I’m so excited, apparently we’re going to the Peak District to do it.

I went to doggy daycare again this week, it was a quieter week according to the lady who looks after me because we didn’t have all the young pups there like we did the week before, just me and another furry friend called Finn – well I think that’s his name, he was a little spaniel but not sure which kind of spaniel. When my mum picked me up I was so excited to see her that I kept trying to kiss her and I wouldn’t let her put my harness on because I was playing a game that I like to call chase, I do eventually submit though because I always like going places and wearing my harness means I’m either going on a walk or going back to my very own home where I have a bedroom and everything. I also jumped in the car with ease! I think I’m going to start calling my small gains “Bandit Points”… I’d say I have several Bandit Points with all the confidence I’m building as of late.

We did one of my favourite walks this week along the canal and river, I know I always mention it but it really is a pleasant walk! There’s plenty of grass, and smells, there is a continuum of water which is fab! I am off the lead for the duration unless absolutely necessary that I have to temporarily go on and when I feel confident enough I get to give swimming a go. Which on this occasion I kind of did. I went in the water for a cool down but walked a little down the river to smell and eat some of the grass – my mum and dad stayed on the banks, and then they walked further down the river which meant for me to get to them I could either go the long way round and get out the way I came, OR!… I could swim to them. I did the latter, although I’m getting a “clever sausage” as my mum calls me because I knew which bits were slightly shallow so I could walk a chunk of it before climbing up the river bank. I got given a treat for being a brave boy and then I started sprinting all over because I was excited.

My parents also braved taking me off the lead around our local green which they have never done but because I’m being such a good boy and listening to my mum and dad they wanted to give it a little try. Some of the local dogs are allowed off the lead, others not so much. I always see a Romanian dog off the lead because they follow their human perfectly, maybe one day I will be like that (if my nose doesn’t get the better of me). I did follow my mum and dad although I’d occasionally get distracted by all the smells but if they shouted me I would go to them… More so if they had a treat waiting for me, I am very food orientated! I was only off the lead for about 10 minutes but I followed them round the green, and then followed them home like a good boy.

I also did a 5k run with my mum and dad – however, it wasn’t the park run one because they missed it due to having a hairdressers appointment and the other going cycling. So we did it the day after in the morning when it was nice and cool. It was a good run although I frequently kept tripping my mum up because I don’t always look where I’m running and sometimes just follow my nose, my mum never fell over fortunately. When we finished running my mum had to lay down on the grass so I went over to check on her, and by checking on here I mean I gave her a big wet lick all up her face. Before we left the park I had a little play with a greyhound – they are some fast dogs! We had a game of chase and I gave it my all but they’re just so quick.

That was a quieter week for me but it was still fun! And I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures camping next week – I’ll give you a clue, it was a wet one at times!

Paws Out

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