Hello, my name is Bandit, I am approximately 7 years old and I too was once a Sarajevo stray who was saved from the local kill pound. And last year my hoomans (Ruth and Dan) adopted me and took me to my furever home on March 28th 2018.

Since then they have given me a bed, I also have my own bedroom! I get regular, frequent meals every day, as well as treats when I’ve been a good boy. I also get given toys even though I like to chew them up as soon as I get my paws on it. They take me on lots of walks, and often they take me out to new places so I can explore the world around me!

In 2019 I even had the pleasure to watch my mama and papa get married although I did get upset when they were both crying but when they stopped, I stopped. And I was told that I was the ‘Best Dog’ and that I looked handsome with my corsage.

Since being in my furever home I have learnt to love being in the water, even in the winter when it’s cold out and I like to go in muddy puddles which my mama and papa don’t mind, probably because they give me a bath afterwards. And my absolute favourite thing to do which I had never experienced before, was to receive and give cuddles! They also smother me in kisses, and I in return like to try and lick their ears.

So that is my story so far, it’s still early days and I just know I have so much left to see and do! Below you will find links to all my blog posts, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing my happy ending. Once again my name is Bandit and you will recognize me because I wear a bandana.

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