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61803786_436873327092345_4010716383141691392_nHello, my name is Bandit, formally known as Bumble… But I didn’t really know that name, it was given to me to help me get on the happy bus to go to my furever home and I am approximately 4 years old. I was saved from the local kill pound in 2017, and by March 2018 I got my ticket on the Happy Bus from Bosnia, all the way to Derbyshire in the UK. I arrived late at night on Thursday 22nd March, and by Friday 23rd March my human mum and dad came to Just For Dogs as they wanted to adopt a fur baby. I remember looking at them through the window, I felt shy and nervous. They opened the door and both my (now) mum and dad were sat on the floor, I was a little nervous of my dad but still that didn’t stop me from sniffing him, however I jumped on top of my mums legs and gave her a lick on the face, next thing I remember they took me out on a walk. They came to visit me a couple of times, and then on Wednesday 28th March I got taken to the back room where I had a good bath and brush, I had a nice new collar put around my neck and then next thing I was bundled into the back of my mum and dads car and taken to my furever home. That is when they gave me my new name, they say that they don’t want me to forget my roots because I was a former outlaw, unloved and tossed aside until Save Suffering Strays – Sarajevo saved me. I also wear a bandana, I have so many I have lost count. And the rest they say is history!

Since being adopted by my human parents they have given me a bed, but not just the one bed – I now have THREE beds! I have one in the lounge (although I like to lay to on the footstool and have cuddles with my mum and dad but only when the blanket is down), I have a raised bed outside to do my sunbathing (even though I have thick, fluffy coat I like to lay in the sun) and I have another bed, kind of like a bunk bed in my very own BEDROOM! I can sleep underneath if I want some privacy, but I can sleep on top if I want some light and my belly rubbed – or if I want to be the same height as my mum and dad.

I often get toys however I like to chew them, and I get through them pretty quickly but its OK because I also like to chew cardboard, plant pots, recyclable material etc. and often when I go out on walks, a lot of naughty people leave their litter everywhere so I pick it up and carry it home. If its safe to chew my mum and dad let me chew it, if not then they put it in the bin. I also LOVE my food, probably a little too much, my mum says I’m like her in that aspect and that we should both go on a diet together. But because I love my food, it means that when we walk around the local area I sniff out the naughty peoples litter because it tastes so good. Although, once my mum and dad had to take a cooked chicken off of me as they said it was dangerous for me to eat. Unfortunately, I think my old habits of hunting for food have stayed with me even though I am very lucky and get fed frequent meals every day, treats as well!

I have been very fortunate to visit so many interesting places, my mum and dad have taken me on loads of long walks in the Peak District and the Derbyshire Dales, I have been to the Coast twice (unfortunately its quite far to get to and I get anxious being in the car, it makes me drool excessively but I am working on trying to enjoy the experience, my mum and dad have recently sprayed the car with pheromones which seems to have helped) and I do love being in water, I frequently lay down in any body of water I can find, it doesn’t matter what time of year! But at the seaside the waves do scare me a little, I remember the first time I went I kept barking at the waves and running away before chasing them, and then running away again! However as soon as I have made a furry pal and observed them going in the sea, the waves don’t seem as scary. I have also had mini holidays with my mum and dad, and when they went away on their honeymoon I got to have my very own holiday, and I made so many new friends who I got to play with every day, twice a day! You heard me right too – my parents had a honeymoon because they got MARRIED! And I was their Best Dog/Dog of Honour, I had my very own corsage, and got to walk down the aisle with them. It was such a beautiful day, I never thought I’d be so lucky to have so many people applaud me and say I was a good boy.

I love food, I love to sleep, I love to chew toys, I love playing with other dogs, I love cuddles and kisses, and I love being in my new home with my mum and dad, my mum often tells me that I came into her life during a bad time and helped bring her back to her happy, smiley self – that’s all she seems to do these days is smile and laugh which I love because it makes me happy. I like to think that we both saved each other. But that is a little bit about an old Bosnian Street Dog who has found his loving furever home.

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